Causes laser burns in sensitive areas and on the face

Causes laser burns in sensitive areas and on the face

Technologies have changed laser A common method, mainly for cosmetic and dermatological purposes, includes laser hair removal, but since laser offers many advantages, it has damages or side effects such as laser burns;

In the article, we will discuss the side effects of applying laser technology, andCauses laser burns in sensitive areas The face is special.

Laser hair removal

adopt a technique Laser hair removal Using strong heat from the laser beam to damage hair follicles in unwanted places for their growth, which limits and prevents future hair growth.

The laser is often used in areas such as the armpits, sensitive areas, face, legs and arms, and the woman may need several sessions to completely get rid of the hair in the desired area. (3)

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Laser side effects

There are several side effects of X-rayslaser Caused by misuse or lack of suitability of the skin for this technique, in addition to laser burns Although this is a rare side effect, we mention the following laser side effects:

  • skin redness and annoy him.
  • Peeling the skin instead of applying the laser.
  • Change in skin color.
  • Eye injuries if not well covered, especially in cases of Using a laser on the face.
  • Skin damage infected.
  • Pimples and scars, which are from Laser damage also rare. (2) (4)

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laser burns

Spin idea Laser hair removal It targets the dark pigment or melanin in the hair follicles and roots, which means it works effectively with dark hair, and does not give good or noticeable results on blonde, gray or brown hair. GrizzlyBecause it contains a small amount of melanin.

It is also not suitable for technology Laser hair removal People with very dark skin, as they are more likely to get burns, as the laser beam is aimed at all the parts of the dark skin that absorb the most laser rays instead of the hair follicles.

The skin becomes sensitive to red in most people, but the incidence of burns is very low, as we mentioned if the laser is used correctly with the right people. (2)

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Causes laser burns

can be summarized Causes laser burns Next: (1)

  1. Long exposure to laser rays: exposure to laser rays is long periods of time Causes laser burns.
  2. Laser type: Using an inappropriate old type laser device causes skin burns, as modern devices are characterized by safety factors.
  3. Laser gel: Good types of laser gel or gel help reduce the rate of brown laser burns, You should also wait an appropriate amount of time to allow the gel to dry before using the laser.
  4. Dark skin: As mentioned, it is laser Not suitable for people with very dark skin.
  5. Light hair: Do not apply the laser to light, white or blond hair.
  6. Cooling: Lack of proper and proper cooling before exposure to laser rays increases the rate of injury Black laser burns.
  7. Fitting the device: sometimes the laser service provider fails to match the device well to the service request, so it is recommended to do a thorough investigation of the cosmetic centers before leaving.

Infection rates are falling laser burns Exactly in people with white skin and dark hair, due to the low level of melanin in the skin.

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Laser burn sites

relations Laser burn injury Some areas of the body more than others, especially areas with thinner skin such as the sensitive areas, face and neck.

Infection rates are also rising laser burns In areas of the body that are tanned or tanned with tanning creams, or other methods of skin coloring, those dark areas absorb laser rays in large quantities, causing them to burn, and the legs are the most vulnerable to this type of burns caused by skin color. (1)

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