Causes vaginal discharge with blood

Causes vaginal discharge with blood

Women used to see menstrual blood several days a month throughout their fertile years, and this is one of the usual things that the absence of causes concern, but when you notice Red discharge from the vagina Outside of the menstrual cycle, women feel anxious and wonder why.

This could be the cause of the fall Vaginal discharge with blood after menstruation An indication of a normal state that does not cause concern, resulting from a simple hormonal imbalance, and may be a sign of a disease state that requires treatment. The matter varies according to the woman’s age, lifestyle and health. history.

In this article we will discuss the causes of gonorrhea vaginal discharge with blood, And do you know if this is a danger sign?


Causes bloody discharge in the vagina

Menstrual blood is from bloody discharge from the vagina Of course, it is a mixture of tissues, cells and blood that used to coat the uterus in preparation for receiving a fertilized egg that will grow into a fetus, but without pregnancy the uterus contracts strongly, and the endometrium is cut. Off, pushing all the cells and blood out through the vagina, to appear in the form of Mucous vaginal discharge with blood. (1)

There are several other reasons that cause the decline Vaginal discharge with blood In non-period times, we list the following reasons:

Hormonal imbalance

Women’s hormones go through several stages, up and down, throughout the menstrual cycle, and when the hormones reach a certain percentage, menstrual blood is formed and the endometrium is shed.

In case of hormonal imbalance, the woman does not see blood The menstrual cycle In time, it may be delayed, progress or decrease in several days and be disrupted in days, this is what causes the appearance bloody discharge from the vagina on different dates, and the woman gets confused, is it menstrual blood or not?

Hormonal imbalances occur frequently Adolescence The first for girls, and in the period before menopause for women at the age of 50, when the hormonal balance is disturbed at those times, and women suffer from menstrual blood disorder that appears in the form Pink vaginal discharge or bloody. (1) (4)

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This is not a healthy sign of pregnancy to see vaginal discharge with blood, But about 15 to 25% of pregnant women notice it Blood secretionsEspecially in the first trimester of pregnancy, when it is recommended to consult a doctor.

A pregnant woman may see a few drops of blood as evidence of a fertilized egg implanting in the uterus, which is one of the early signs of pregnancy. (2)

Vaginal discharge with blood due to cancer

There may be a reason Vaginal discharge with blood Sick of one of the following types of cancer: (3)

  1. Cervical cancer.
  2. Cervical cancer.
  3. Ovarian cancer.

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Blood discharge due to an ovarian cyst

make up for it Ovarian cyst Above the ovary or inside the ovary and it is filled with fluid which is a common condition in many girls and women and sometimes heals by itself sometimes this cyst may explode and cause a runny nose. Vaginal discharge with blood.

The woman felt a sharp pain on one side of the pelvis, accompanied by Blood secretions When an ovarian cyst burst. (2)

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Bloody discharge from the vagina due to infection

The vagina may get a bacterial infection and this is a common thing, this infection makes you notice white vaginal discharge with blood, or bloody discharge from the vaginaAmong those infectious diseases are the following: (3)

  • Bacterial vaginosis.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases:

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Other causes of vaginal discharge with blood

There are several other factors that cause bloody discharge from the vaginaincluding the following: (1)(2)(3)

  • Pregnancy problems:
    1. premature birth
    2. abortion.
    3. Ectopic pregnancy
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • adenoids.
  • Fistula infection.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Use of an intrauterine device to prevent pregnancy.
  • intercourse.
  • Oral hormonal contraceptives.

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