Depression in men: symptoms, causes and methods of treatment

Depression in men: symptoms, causes and methods of treatment

Depression is one of the psychological disorders that negatively affects the life and behavior of the individual as a result of the constant feeling of sadness and despair. Depression may affect both men and women, but differently Depression in men In certain characteristics compared to women, a man may not realize that he is depressed as a result of his refusal to get help, because he believes that this impairs his masculinity.

This article deals with the causes of depression in men, its symptoms and possible damages as well as treatment methods.

Symptoms of depression in men

may change symptoms depression in men As for women, men tend to Quick anger and irritabilityFeeling very tired, neglecting family care and work, lack of sexual desire, as well as loss of interest in favorite hobbies. [1]

include Signs of depression in men Also the following: [1]

  • Feeling sad and empty.
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleep disorder, appearing in the form of too little or too much sleep.
  • Changing eating habits, such as overeating or anorexia and eat less.
  • Complaining of body aches and digestive problems.
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse.
  • Suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide.

causes depression in men

The exact cause of depression is unknown, but it is likely that there are several factors that play a role in depression in men, such as: [2]

  • Environmental pressures: Exposure to traumatic life events can lead Sudden depression in menLoss of a family member, job loss, or financial burdens, loneliness in the elderly can also cause male depression.
  • Genetic factors: A family history of depression increases the risk of depression in men.
  • Health conditions: Certain diseases, such as chronic diseases or cancer, can cause depression.
  • Medicines: Side effects of certain medications, such as anticholinergics, benzodiazepines, and corticosteroids, can lead to depression.

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Types of depression in men

There are many types of depression that affect men, including: [2]

  • Seasonal depression: This depression occurs in the cold months of the year as a result of weak sunlight, and usually disappears when the sunlight returns.
  • Persistent depressive disorder: may happen Chronic depression in men This type of depression usually lasts two years or more, but its symptoms are less severe than other types.
  • psychotic depression Characterized Psychotic depression in men Symptoms of severe depression accompanied by psychotic symptoms of delusions and hallucinations.

The effects of depression in men

Depression in men can cause complications, including: [2] [3]

  • health problems, such as heart disease and stroke. Depressed men are more likely to develop heart disease than depressed women.
  • Fibromyalgia, which is a feeling of pain and aches in different parts of the body.
  • Self-harm or suicide Men are more likely to die by suicide than women; Because they use lethal means.

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The effect of depression in men on libido

Related to Depression and sex in men When depression can cause many sexual problems, including: [4]

  • Decreased libido.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm.

Not only does depression cause depression, but antidepressants can also affect sexual performance as a side effect.

It should be noted that poor sexual performance can lead to depression, as men with sexual problems are twice as likely to suffer from depression as compared to normal men. [5]

Diagnosis of depression in men

A doctor begins to diagnose depression in men by taking and evaluating the patient’s medical history and symptoms, as well as performing a physical exam to rule out other health problems. [3]

It is worth noting that the diagnosis rates of depression in men are lower than women, and this is due to many factors, many men believe that depression is a female disease, or some of them are ashamed to express feelings of sadness and depression, believing that it reduces their masculinity. [3]

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Treatment of depression in men

The treatment of depression includes psychotherapy and medication, as well as making lifestyle adjustments Get rid of depression in men. [1]

The treatment includes: [1]

  • psychotherapy: Talk therapy helps you learn about the problems that led to depression and how to deal with them, as well as learning ways to develop the ability to deal with outbursts of anger, anxiety and stress.
  • Drug treatment: May Used Medicines for depression in mensuch as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and atypical antidepressants, and tricyclic antidepressants.
  • Lifestyle change: Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and creating a specific sleep routine contribute to relief Depression in men and its treatment.
  • Hospitalization may summon Treatment of severe depression in men Especially those who suffer from suicidal thoughts or have a history of suicide attempts, stay in the hospital for appropriate treatment until the episode of depression improves.

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Depression screening test

This test is used to determine the percentage of probability that a person will suffer from depression, and this depends on the frequency of feelings of depression and anhedonia during the two weeks before the test, and giving a certain number of points for each case.


The points resulting from this test can be divided in the form of percentages of a person’s possibility of suffering from depression as follows:

• Zero point: less than or equal to 0.6%.

• One point: more than 0.6%.

• Two points: more than 1.3%.

• 3 points: more than 5.4%.

• 4 points: more than 15.7%.

• 5 points: more than 17.9%.

• 6 points: more than 58.1%.

A score of 3 on this test is a defining point for diagnosing depression, as receiving 3 points or more means an increased likelihood of a person suffering from depression.

Calculation results

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