Discharge after menstruation, what does it mean?

Discharge after menstruation, what does it mean?

do not stop Vaginal discharge Throughout the month they are part of the natural defense system of the reproductive system and have a role in protecting and conditioning the vagina.

Women track the end of their menstrual cycle and stop bleeding accurately, but sometimes they notice a decrease vaginal discharge after menstruation, These secretions are different from the normal menstrual blood and tissues, so women wonder what they are Discharge after menstruation.

In this article we present the meanings Discharge after menstruation according to their colors.

Discharge after menstruation

Appear Discharge after menstruation Often brown, as it is a remnant of the blood of the later period, and the blood is exposed to the air, and its color turns darker from red to brown.

This is the main reason for the change in color, texture and quantity Discharge after menstruation This is the hormonal change, up and down, therefore everything that causes an imbalance or a change in the level of female hormones, is expressed in the form of a vaginal discharge.

There may be a certain medical condition that the woman suffers from which is the cause of this Discharge after menstruation or before that, the discharge may flow as a result of a vaginal infection at any time of the month. (2) (4)

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causes discharge after menstruation

In the next step we will list the best onesCauses of discharge after menstruation: (1) (4)

old blood

As we mentioned, most women notice a decrease in dark brown secretions that may be black even after the end of the period, and it represents part of the menstrual blood that the uterus still emits, but it is trapped and a little late, so that the woman or the girl can see it after the menstrual blood stops completely in another number days, characterized by Discharge after menstruation Brown color, not heavy flow.


Ovulation occurs around the middle of the month, and causes a change in the level of hormones in the body, especially high estrogen, Vaginal secretions increase and flow in the form of white transparent and stringy secretions. A married woman may notice a pink spot or a red dot, which is evidence of the implantation of the egg in the uterus, which is one of the early signs of pregnancy. .

Pay attention to women who have a short cycle Discharge after menstruation As a result of ovulation more than others.

Vaginal secretions outside the time of ovulation are white, sticky and denser, to act as a barrier to prevent access seed to the egg, which is a characteristic of Discharge after menstruation. (3)

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Hormonal contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives, especially oral ones, cause a change in estrogen and progesterone levels, causing their levels to rise, resulting in gonorrhea. Discharge after menstruation And before it as well, that is, throughout the whole month, and it is characterized by being transparent and white and liquid.

Disease states

There are several bacterial and fungal infections that cause an increase in post-menstrual discharge, It requires treatment to prevent complications, including the following: (2) (3)

  • Bacterial vaginosis: dark yellow, green or gray discharge.
  • Yeast fungal infection: Vaginal discharge resembles white lumpy and creamy cottage cheese.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as:
    • chlamydia: Dark yellow or gray secretions.
    • Gonorrhea: dark yellow or gray discharge.
    • Trichomoniasis: dark yellow or green discharge.

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I have been taking the manophor needles for a long time and the explosion needle choriomon 5000. I have a feeling of severe cramps in the lower abdomen and pains like period pains and cramps. The question is how do I know if the needles are helpful for them, what are the symptoms they will cause?

When should you see a doctor?

It is recommended to consult a doctor, just in case Discharge after menstruation with the following features: (2) (3)

  1. Dark yellow, green, grayish-white or gray discharge.
  2. .-like secretions pus.
  3. Cottage cheese-like lumpy secretions.
  4. foul-smelling discharge.
  5. Foamy secretions with an odor.

It is also recommended to monitor the accompanying symptoms for postmenstrual discharge, And see a doctor if you notice:

  • Pain during urination.
  • Pain during intercourse.
  • The appearance of a white layer around the vagina.
  • Pain, itching and a burning sensation in the vagina.
  • Swelling and redness of the vagina.
  • Abdominal and pelvic pain.
  • skin rash or sores.
  • Absence of menstruation for several months.

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