How to improve an erection with food and exercise

How to improve an erection with food and exercise

Erectile dysfunction is defined as Irregular erection of the penis For a long time, which is of course different from Erectile dysfunction Basically, some of them suffer from erectile problems, so it is necessary to make sure that they are Satisfactory condition, not an accident It won’t happen again.

The problem is negative influences The effects of erectile dysfunction on both partners, we review together in these lines the most important ways erection strengthening.

Improve erection by eating

Eating lots of vegetables and fruits is one way Increase erection by eatingNutrients in whole grains, fruits and vegetables increase blood flow to the penis. Here are some of the following foods:

  • to improve rich foods with vitamin B12 (Vitamin B12) like fermented dates from the strength of erections.
  • foods containing Arginine (L-arginine) like oatmeal for muscle relaxation and speed blood flow.
  • Reduce rich fruits with antioxidants Like blueberries, the risk of heart disease.

should be reduced Fatty foods Because they increase the risk of developing conditions that affect sexual health, such as:

Many reviews pointed to some research 2017 at the University of Chieti Pescara, for the importance of the so-called diet Mediterranean diet In reducing the causes of erectile dysfunction.

The Mediterranean diet helps:

  • raise rates Antioxidants.
  • raise rates Arginine.
  • stimulate blood flow and improve blood circulation for the penis
  • reduce the ratio Cholesterol.

We will review below The most effective foods In this diet:

  • nuts and seeds such as almonds and walnuts.
  • like meat poultry Your India.
  • Legumes Like beans and lentils.
  • vegetables like carrots And spinach too.
  • fruits like grapes Walmoz. [2] [3]

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Erection strengthening exercises

Maybe Erection strengthening exercises If the person is used to proper physical activity, we explain below the most important exercises to strengthen the erection:

Kegel exercises

This is considered one of the most versatile exercises Erectile dysfunction is a common treatmentThe concept of her work is based on Strengthening the pelvic musclesEasy to do anytime, anywhere.

Therapist Kegel exercises Problems other than erectile dysfunction such as Incontinenceand have a positive effect on the whole sex life and not just strengthen the erection.

Pilates exercises

help Pilates exercises To strengthen an erection as it lasts, examples of these exercises include:

  • Bending the knee: Simple and easy physical activity begins bend the knees Putting them on the floor, lying on your back, is better to focus pelvic muscles With the exercise when straightening the knee slowly towards the ground, Repeat this exercise ten times For each knee.
  • leg lift: The exercise begins by lying on your back Bend your legs on the groundLift one leg up at an angle of approx 45 degrees and leave seconds and then slowly descend, repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  • Air exercises: participate strongly Treatment of erectile dysfunctionIt is best to regularly train in aerobic exercises for a period of at least 6 months until its effect begins to appear, examples of aerobic exercises include:
  • bicycle riding.
  • kayaking;
  • fist. [4]

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Erectile dysfunction with garlic

Garlic helps erection strengthening Because of its working properties stimulate blood flow It speeds up blood circulation, and is rich in elements and compounds Improves blood vessel functions.

Results of a study conducted in 2014 At the University of Tokyo, the importance of garlic in erection strengtheningUnderstood research about 49 An old manThe strength of their erection increases with eating garlic.

Garlic also raises levels Nitric oxideAnd so it goes up dilation of blood vessels It accelerates blood flow to the penis to improve the erection process. [5] [6]

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