How to prevent erectile problems?

How to prevent erectile problems?

The methods and methods are varied Treatment of erectile dysfunctionAll men complaining of erectile dysfunction seek treatment because of its high prevalence, especially the elderly and diabetics.

In this article we will focus on the roads Prevention of erectile dysfunction To prevent problems that may worsen complications of erectile dysfunction.

Ways to prevent erectile dysfunction

diverse Ways to prevent erectile dysfunctionSome depend on changing the diet, others on the change Change your daily lifestyleNext, we will review some of the following methods:

Vascular treatment

Factor hypertensionAnd blood sugar high cholesterol and fatIn damage to the arteries, and thus the penis is damaged and loses its ability to have a strong erection.

Prevention begins with caution Concern for the health of blood vesselsPreference for regular inspection. Follow up with the doctor Competent, control sugar levelsand blood lipids. [1]

Pay attention to the diet

A healthy body depends healthy meals Rich in the essential ingredients that everyone needs, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fish are the best options to help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Experts connect Reduce the consumption of processed meatrefined grains, and reduce the incidence of infection Erectile dysfunction Also among the elderly and close to old age. [1]

Maintaining an ideal weight

This is considered a low weight lean body The first line of defense against erectile dysfunctionboost obesity From the risks of chronic diseases that have a negative effect on erectile dysfunction, such as:

Men are at risk for erectile dysfunction by 50% If the waist diameter is About 106 cmTherefore, you must work seriously to lose excess weight, and maintain a lean body all the time To prevent erectile dysfunction. [1]

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to stop smoking

There is a basic connection between them Smoking and cardiovascular diseaseSo in detail Smoking is associated with erectile dysfunctionBetter to start right away to stop smoking to prevent erectile problems.

It is considered Stop Smoking This is the best and only solution to get rid of it Prevention of erectile dysfunctionbecomes over time Treatment of erectile dysfunction The smoker has an impossible path because of the constriction of the blood vessels caused by smoking. [3] [4]

Stay away from drugs

Some think so Narcotics and drugs are prohibited It increases sexual ability, on the contrary, ban drugs A feeling of any kind of excitement or even pleasure.

These drugs mask the emotional and psychological factors May help with strong erectionTherefore, abuse of these substances acts as a trigger for erectile problems. [3]

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I installed a penile stent, and its length is currently between 8 and 9 cm. Is this length enough to satisfy the woman, knowing that I have been married for 22 years and have 3 children, is she injured or what is the solution

Pay attention to testosterone

It’s worth paying attention testosterone hormone and monitor it regularly After reaching the age of thirtyHormone levels gradually decrease with age.

Blood tests are useful for to know the level of hormones Easily, preferably Consultation with a doctor Quickly when testosterone levels drop significantly below normal. [4]

Treatment of diabetes

lead Neglect diabetes To happen major complications The most important of them is erectile dysfunction, which is related High blood sugar level Damage to nerves and blood vessels.

The prevalence of erectile dysfunction in diabetic patients is up to 50%That is why diabetes must be treated to prevent erectile problemsand avoiding damage to the penis that cannot be cured over time. [2] [4]

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Stay away from stimulants

A lot of people eating Protein supplements and steroids They build muscle quickly, but are actually at risk of injury Erectile dysfunction also.

The body gets used to what a person provides Ready hormonesThe problem is that when a person stops taking these supplements, they start… Side Effects appears as:

  • hair loss
  • The precipitation was doubled until it reached the state baldness.
  • Testicular contraction.
  • Erectile dysfunction. [1]

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