Smile depression symptoms and hidden signs

Smile depression symptoms and hidden signs

Smiling depressed people tend to hide behind a mask to hide their true feelings of sadness and frustration Smiling depression symptoms Unlike traditional depression, people with smiling depression may be good at hiding their suffering, or may not even realize they are depressed, just because they are able to smile.

Find out in this article about Depression symptoms smileIts hidden signs, as well as the motives behind hiding depression in those who suffer from it.

What are the symptoms of smile depression?

develop Smiling depression symptoms Gradual over days or weeks and may vary from person to person, and include physical and psychological symptoms. [1]

including Physical symptoms of smiling depression the following: [2] [3]

  • anorexia or increase it, resulting in weight loss or gain.
  • Sleep problems People with major depression suffer from excessive sleep, or insomnia, and may have trouble falling asleep at night and sleep during the day instead.
  • Digestive system disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion and stomach ulcers.
  • Headache.
  • Fatigue and fatigue
  • muscle pain or joints.
  • Weakened immunity, repeated weakness.
  • Changes in blood pressure and heart rate.

include Psychological symptoms of depression smile the following: [1]

  • Feeling sad, hopeless and frustrated.
  • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness.
  • Loss of enjoyment from favorite activities.
  • Tendency to think in negative situations.
  • Outbursts of irritability and anger.
  • Decreased ability to focus Faces difficulty in making decisions.
  • loneliness.
  • thinking about suicide

It is worth noting that despite the appearance of these symptoms in people with smiling depression, they continue to maintain social relationships, maintain good performance at work, and even seem happy and optimistic; Therefore, it is always important for a person to seek psychological support from an expert and be honest about their feelings and thoughts. [3]

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What are the hidden smiling signs of depression?

People with smiling depression may not realize they are depressed and may not accept it; So we will mention below Smiling depression symptoms Hidden and viewable on these people: [2]

  • Performing tasks and duties out of a commitment to responsibility and not out of love.
  • Delving into the responsibilities and tasks required.
  • Hide any expressions or signs of weakness.
  • Excuses to withdraw from any activity.
  • Loss of passion for all activities.
  • A philosophical thing or in a way that indicates submission to the course of things.
  • Excessive use of social media, watching TV or movies.
  • Emotional separation from family and friends.

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What are the motives behind hiding feelings of depression?

After getting to know each other smiling depression symptoms, Some may wonder why these people hide their feelings from others?! [3]

  • Concern for the feelings of others: Some people suffering from depression may prefer to hide it for fear of becoming a burden to others, so they pretend to be fine, especially those who are used to caring for others and providing help, they are just not used to asking for help and therefore prefer not to reveal and hide their feelings.
  • feeling embarrassed Some people think that the injury depressed It is a sign of weakness or absurdity that they must overcome; So they may feel embarrassed when they cannot overcome and tend not to show it.
  • denial: Many sufferers do not recognize Smiling depression symptoms That they have it, because they believe that their ability to smile rules out depression, and that pretending to be happy is easier for them than expressing their feelings.
  • Fear of exploitation and vulnerability: People with smiling depression may be afraid to show their sadness for fear of being taken advantage of or being seen as weak people who cannot overcome their emotions.
  • The ideal figure: Perfectionists are good at pretending to be their best and hiding any problems they have so that their ideal image is not undermined.

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Depression screening test

This test is used to determine the percentage of probability that a person will suffer from depression, and this depends on the frequency of feelings of depression and anhedonia during the two weeks before the test, and giving a certain number of points for each case.


The points resulting from this test can be divided in the form of percentages of a person’s possibility of suffering from depression as follows:

• Zero point: less than or equal to 0.6%.

• One point: more than 0.6%.

• Two points: more than 1.3%.

• 3 points: more than 5.4%.

• 4 points: more than 15.7%.

• 5 points: more than 17.9%.

• 6 points: more than 58.1%.

A score of 3 on this test is a defining point for diagnosing depression, as receiving 3 points or more means an increased likelihood of a person suffering from depression.

Calculation results

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