Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids find out here

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids find out here

Hemorrhoids are a common disease of the digestive system, and they usually cause many unpleasant symptoms in the patient. The inability to see or feel the presence of internal hemorrhoids during examination of the rectal area causes many people to wonder about What are the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids? [1]

This article discusses everything related to the subject Symptoms and signs of internal hemorrhoids in men and women.

Speak hemorrhoids Internal swelling as a result of a bulge in one of the veins inside the anus, causing inflammation in the surrounding tissues. A person may not notice that they have internal hemorrhoids because they do not cause any symptoms. [2،3]

If internal hemorrhoids cause symptoms, the severity of those symptoms usually ranges from mild to severe. [4]

We will mention below Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids in men and women in detail:

Do internal hemorrhoids cause pain?

the feeling Pain in the anus no longer from symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, This explains the lack of sensation in many patients, since internal hemorrhoids appear in areas of the anus that do not contain nerves and pain receptors. [1،2]

However, pain may appear in some cases of internal hemorrhoids, when these internal hemorrhoids descend and expand outside the anus, causing pain in the area. Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids usually occur when a person defecates or as a result of heavy lifting. [2،3]

However, these prolapsed hemorrhoids soon return to the anus on their own. [1،3]

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What are the main symptoms of internal hemorrhoids?

Since internal areas do not cause pain, it is necessary to look for other symptoms that are characteristic of them. It was found that anal bleeding He is one of the most important Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids This is typical for him, as internal hemorrhoids are usually discovered when the patient notices blood coming out of his anus. [2،3]

may happen Bleeding internal hemorrhoids During or after defecating, when the person notices the presence of blood on the stool when defecating, or on the toilet paper after wiping the rectal area, or inside the toilet. [1-3]

The blood of internal hemorrhoids looks bright red. [3،4]

However, it should be noted that anal bleeding is not only a symptom of internal hemorrhoids, as it can appear as a result of other causes, including cancer. [4]

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Are there other symptoms of internal hemorrhoids?

Yes, internal hemorrhoids can be accompanied by symptoms other than bleeding, including:

  • Anal itching.
  • A constant need to defecate even though the bowels are empty.
  • Mucus discharge from the anus.
  • suffer from other rectal diseases such as anal fissures.
  • Burning sensation in the area. [3-5]

Also, in some of the rare cases of prolapse of internal hemorrhoids that do not return to the anus, a lack of blood flow to the area and infection may occur. [3]

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How long do internal hemorrhoid symptoms last?

duration of persistence Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids They vary in size and severity, small internal hemorrhoids disappear within a few days and without any treatment, while large, prolapsed internal hemorrhoids may take longer to disappear and treatment may require a doctor’s intervention. [5]

As for the occurrence of Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids during pregnancy This continues until childbirth and the woman’s hormone levels return to normal. [5]

Who is more likely to develop symptoms of internal hemorrhoids?

Internal hemorrhoids and their symptoms can occur to anyone, but the risk of developing them increases if:

  • Suffering of a close family member.
  • Making heavy pressure while defecating.
  • suffering from constipation or diarrhea.
  • lifting heavy objects.
  • suffer from obesity.
  • pregnancy.
  • Eat a low-fiber diet.
  • having anal sex. [1،4]

I have pain in my anus and for a few days I used to bleed with my stool, but now I don’t, only pain like tingling, burning and little discharge what is the reason?

End, if The main symptoms of internal hemorrhoids They are anal bleeding, but internal hemorrhoids can cause pain in some cases. It is always recommended to consult a doctor if you notice blood coming out of the anus after defecation, as this may indicate hemorrhoids or other digestive diseases.

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