The different types of hemorrhoids and how to distinguish between them

The different types of hemorrhoids and how to distinguish between them

Hemorrhoids occur as a result of swelling of veins inside the anus and opening, and there are several Types of hemorrhoids The differences between them are in the location of the appearance of the hemorrhoid or its severity. This article discusses everything related to the subject Types of hemorrhoids.

How is the distinction between the types of hemorrhoids?

It is known that there are two main types of types of hemorrhoids, which are differentiated according to the location of the hemorrhoid. However, there are several other subtypes that appear as a result of the progression of the disease or the occurrence of complications in the patient. [1]

As, in some cases, it can be noticed type of hemorrhoids Through the symptoms experienced by the patient, for example, external hemorrhoids often cause pain, while internal areas are usually painless. However, there are still many common symptoms among them Types of hemorrhoids Therefore, diagnostic tests remain the best solution to distinguish between them. [1]

What are the types of hemorrhoids?

include Types of hemorrhoids The patient may suffer from:

external hemorrhoids

This external hemorrhoids It occurs in the outer skin around the anus, so it It can be watched and seen clearly most of the time, wherever it is Hemorrhoid form A lump or swelling in the area. However, in some cases, a person may not be able to see it. [2،3]

External hemorrhoids are More The most common types of hemorrhoids This is usually accompanied by pain in the area. [1]

Internal hemorrhoids

will be opportunity This kind of Types of hemorrhoids Inside the anus and in areas deeper than the external hemorrhoid, therefore it is difficult to notice when looking at the anus from the outside. [2،4]

One of the most important symptoms type of hemorrhoids This is bleeding, which is usually painless. [2]

Sometimes, internal hemorrhoids may prolapse towards the anus, causing these hemorrhoids to come out and prolapse from the anus, a condition called prolapsed hemorrhoids. [2،3]

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Prolapse of hemorrhoids

This is a special case of internal hemorrhoids, as we mentioned before, internal and prolapsed hemorrhoids are usually divided into several grades according to the severity of their prolapse, namely:

  • first degree internal hemorrhoids, Which never happens to her falling out of her anus.
  • Internal hemorrhoids from second grade, They are internal hemorrhoids that prolapse when pressure is applied to the rectal area, for example during defecation, and then retract inwards on their own when this pressure is removed.
  • Internal hemorrhoids from third degree, They are prolapsed hemorrhoids which does not go back in by itself, so it must be pushed towards the inside of the anus.
  • fourth degree internal hemorrhoids, They are prolapsed hemorrhoids, which do not return to the world and remain hanging from the anus. [1،2]

Usually this type of Types of hemorrhoids in great pain Bleeding from the anus. [1]

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hemorrhoids Coagulase

Which A type of hemorrhoids This occurs when a blood clot forms within the hemorrhoidal tissue Hemorrhoids with thrombosis Possible complication of internal or external hemorrhoids. [3،4]

and be Hemorrhoid form It’s like a lump or swelling in the rectal area accompanied by a change in color, so it’s blue in color, and it’s also very painful. [3]

Inflamed hemorrhoids

One of the complications of hemorrhoids is the occurrence of infection or inflammation of the hemorrhoids, and this can happen in all cases types of hemorrhoids, Especially prolapsed hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids with thrombosis. [2،5]

This usually causes type of hemorrhoids This includes symptoms of normal hemorrhoids, in addition to fever, pain that persists despite treatment, and intense redness around the inflamed hemorrhoid.

I suffer from pain in my lower back that sometimes reaches the anus, and I feel relief mainly after defecating, knowing that sometimes I have difficulty defecating completely, but it is intermittent and a bit soft, and the stool analysis. He is healthy, only has digestive problems and no anemia. This is the cause of pain and discomfort

Multiples Types of hemorrhoids which differ among themselves in the location and severity of the disease. Most of the symptoms are similar between these types, but upon examination by the doctor, they can be distinguished, especially if the patient suffers from two types at the same time.

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