Treatment of open wounds and its types medical

Treatment of open wounds and its types medical

There is not one of us who has not been exposed to scratches, cuts or cuts in the body tissues externally or deeper, the wound may be deep in the muscles, or superficial in the upper layers of the skin. open wounds It is serious and can be treated at home.

Each of us should know how to treat open wounds, given their high frequency and prevalence, especially in children, so we will discuss in this article how to Treatment of open woundsTo prevent infection and delay healing.

open wounds

ready cause open wounds Frequent and frequent, including accidents, falls and use of sharp instruments, which are more Common causes of open wounds Among people, emergency calls should be made for accidents and serious injuries, where extensive bleeding occurs or lasts more than 20 minutes. (1)

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Types of open wounds

divided wounds are open to several types, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with them to determine the appropriate treatment method and they are these: (1) (2)


Characterized cross section This is a clean, straight cut in the skin, usually resulting from surgical operations, but it can also be caused by knives, cutting glass, and other very sharp instruments.

The cracks cause severe and profuse bleeding, and they affect the muscles, and may reach the nerves, and it is necessary to repair them. seam Stop bleeding and treat the wound.

Incisions can be controlled during surgeries, as the patient is under medical treatment while the incision is made and even the dressing, but it is necessary to go to the hospital quickly in case of cuts at home, which is the first measure. Treatment of open wounds deep.


The perforation is Or the hole in the form of a longitudinal wound deep within the soft tissues and outer layers, but a very small hole can be seen from it, the holes are caused by needles and splinters.

A puncture can cause bleeding when it comes from a knife or gunshot wound, as it damages the deep muscles and internal tissues.

The late

A cut occurs When there is a deep opening or tear in the skin, which occurs as a result of accidents, sharp instruments, etc., the tears cause severe bleeding, but it can be controlled with some pressure and clean tools.

take off

courage This is a violent tear of the skin and deep tissues, and it occurs as a result of explosions, animal attacks or car accidents.


grinding This is a superficial abrasion of the skin that occurs when the skin rubs or slides over a rough or grainy surface, such as an abrasion on the knee, or the opening of the skin where there is a rash.

Scratches do not cause much bleeding, but it is important to clean the wound thoroughly and remove any debris or dirt that has stuck to the wound.

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Treatment of open wounds

ready cleaning wounds And disinfection before applying the bandage is the most important steps Treatment of open woundswhere disinfection is prohibited infection And it speeds up the wound healing process, it is recommended to perform the following steps: (3) (4)

  1. Wash hands and dry them well.
  2. Wear disposable gloves.
  3. Foreign objects or devices embedded in the wound should not be removed, but should be removed in the hospital.
  4. Wash the wound with running water for 10 minutes.
  5. Wipe the skin with cotton wool dipped in salt or tap water.
  6. Gently dry the area with a clean towel without lint or protruding threads, so that they do not stick to the wound.
  7. Apply pressure to the wound if bleeding continues.
  8. Applying a sterile dressing containing an antiseptic to the wound or cream for open wounds, Waterproof dressings are preferable. for more: Fucicort, your way to beat skin infections
  9. Add another bandage on top of the first, in case blood leaks from the wound, while continuing to apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding.
  10. Elevate the leg or arm above heart level in case they are injured.

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