Uncombed hair syndrome

Uncombed hair syndrome

A typical case Uncombed hair syndrome With severe dryness in the hair, and inability to comb it flat at all, this condition appears in children from birth to age three, but it may continue to appear even up to age 12.

The syndrome raises concerns and questions from parents, so in this article we answer everything related to it uncombable hair syndrome, We mention the causes and treatment methods.

wooden hair

Called Uncombable hair (in English: Uncombable Hair Syndrome or UHS) also there wooden hairor Spinning glass hairIn children with this condition, the hair of children with this condition has a light golden, straw blonde or shiny silver color, and it only affects the hair of children with this condition. scalp And not in the whole body.

not grown wooden hair below, as in the case of the rest of the hair, but it grows upwards in separate directions, as close as possible to the fluff, but it grows lengthwise at a slow rate, wooden hair Not as fragile as it seems, it has a natural strength.

not responding glass hair Conventional hair straightening techniques, that is, it cannot be styled with hair care products such as curling creams, and keratinwhich often facilitates the process of controlling dry and rough hair.

ready Coarse hair syndrome It is extremely rare, with only 100 cases recorded worldwide. (1) (4) (3)

Causes of tree hair disease

The main reason is Uncombed hair syndrome to three Mutations Epigenetics is responsible for how hair strands are produced and grow on the scalp.

These recessive genetic mutations are inherited by the child if both parents or one of them carries a copy of the same mutation, and this is not a condition that he has the syndrome, and the mutations are Hair disease causes Wood.

These mutations cause hair to change from the usual cylindrical shape to a multi-angled shape tending to a triangle or a heart. (2)

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Diagnosis of wooden hair

The doctor looks for the basic distinguishing characteristics tree hair disease, They are the shiny silver color, the texture of the dry hair and the random growth method. The hair shaft is also looked at under a microscope to see if it is cylindrical or triangular, and atypical grooves appear along the length of the hair, making it more difficult to control the hair.

The nature of the hair usually improves after the child reaches puberty and the hair can be combed flat and the hair gets a natural or semi-natural texture. (2)

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Wooden hair treatment

nothing Treatment of uncombable hair syndrome Just wait, as the tree hair grows healthy and without damage, the nature of the hair changes for no known reasons inside youth, As the hair becomes more comfortable, its dry texture improves.

Some claim that taking biotin as a dietary supplement may help improve the character of the hair and make it combable, but this requires several studies to prove this.

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Tips for dealing with wooden hair

Doctors recommend some recommendations to parents when dealing with wooden hair For the child, as follows:

  1. Do not handle the hair violently when trying to comb the child’s hair.
  2. not given wooden hair straighten or curl with heat or harmful chemicals.
  3. Use a soft brush.
  4. Avoid hair dryer. (3)

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