What are the benefits of matcha for the skin, and how is it used?

What are the benefits of matcha for the skin, and how is it used?

Matcha tea is widely used for medical purposes Due to its proven effectiveness and efficiency, and due to its many advantages such as Slimming, beauty and treatment.

We will review together in the following lines the most prominent ones Matcha benefits for skin.

The nutritional value of matcha

Matcha tea, or Chinese green tea, as it is called, contains many beneficial components and components, including:

    • Antioxidants Natural ingredients such as: chlorophyll and polyphenols, matcha contains much larger amounts than regular green tea.
    • Vitamins: There are many of them in matcha, such as Vitamin B complexand a group of vitamins A, C, E and K.

Matcha tea also contains some items such as zinc, selenium, chromium andmagnesiumand a few more Types of fatty acids such as theophylline and tannin. [5]

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Matcha benefits for skin

Rich matcha with antioxidants Natural, it contains twice the amount found in other foods such as spinach, broccoli, and he Promotes blood circulation in the skin which makes it shiny and shiny.

Matcha stimulates production elastin protein in the skin than Makes the skin more flexible Naturally, we explain some of the following Matcha benefits for skin:

resistance to inflammation

There is substance in matcha Polyphenols Anti-inflammatory, redness, matcha can soothe the skin from redness Because of the polyphenols there are also antioxidant properties.

Polyphenols reduce and fight inflammation Reduces redness on the skinPores look better, skin looks brighter when you regularly apply matcha powder directly on it. [3] [4]

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We mentioned that matcha is one of the richest substances in antioxidants, so it has the ability to resist Free roots Responsible for tissue and cell damage and the appearance of signs aging.

Matcha also protects the skin from UV It is harmful to the skin, so it is better to add matcha to any diet to prevent cell damage The appearance of wrinkles in the skin. [1]

Against wounds

One of the most important benefits of matcha for the skin is its ability to resist Young loveOne of the most important properties of matcha is that it is anti-inflammatory and reduces skin redness.

Acne begins to appear with Increased sebumMatcha can reduce production milkThat’s what you believe prevention and control about acne [1]

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Treatment for oily skin

Matcha tea is rich in nutrients with vitamin K He is known for his amazing abilities stimulate blood flowhealing black halos in the epidermis.

Matcha tea controls leather production of oilIt reduces the space between the skin It removes excess fatMatcha tea also detoxifies because of the large proportion of ChlorophyllThus, the person gets a clear and fat-free skin. [2]

How to use matcha for skin

Matcha is used in powder form and mixed with different types of oils. We explain some of the ways to use it as follows:

  • Skin Toner: Add matcha powder water or type essential oil and save, and use every day before going to bed.
  • Skin scrub: Stir in matcha powder with coconut oil and appropriate size of White sugarThis scrub is used once a week to remove impurities from the skin and clean it.
  • Cleansing pores: Mix matcha with drift and water It is used as a face mask for a few minutes before washing it off with water.
  • Treatment of dry skin: Mix matcha powder with Coconut oil as a face mask to calm and refresh her.
  • Acne treatment: Mix a tablespoon of Matcha with lemon oil The mixture is placed as a mask on the face to kill acne-causing bacteria, as well as treat scars.
  • Unifying skin color: confuse Matcha with yogurt It is placed on the face to get rid of it pigmentation and inflammation. [1]

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