What are the benefits of matcha tea for the colon? And what are its damages?

What are the benefits of matcha tea for the colon? And what are its damages?

Combine matcha Good taste and wonderful healing propertiesIt has been used since ancient times in Japanese and Chinese heritage, drawing attention to it because of it Supernatural abilities for medical purposesEspecially regarding the digestion and organs of the digestive system

In this article we will explain the most important Matcha benefits for the colon and the intestines.

The benefits of matcha tea for the colon

Recently, the relationship between Gut health And the words and prevention of chronic diseases, and mental illnesses, as many researchers engage in interpretation A link to improve public health longevity and improvement Gut healthHence the importance of paying attention to everything that supports gut health, such as matcha tea

Let’s review a few together below Matcha benefits for the colon:

Stimulation of beneficial bacteria

It is recommended to consume Probiotics natural to improve performance Beneficial bacteria In the intestine, matcha can fulfill this role by breaking down Polyphenols It is abundant in matcha tea and is converted into a natural probiotic.

Matcha contributes to Growth of good bacteria Like lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, and on the other hand inhibit harmful bacteria such as for example clostridium perfringensand Clostridium difficile. [1]

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Colon cancer prevention

Matcha, including its substances and ingredients, can protect against many types of cancer, such as prostate cancerThe breast, also protects against Colon cancer and direct

Research has proven 2008 At the University of Nashville School of Medicine in the United States of America, I eat matcha regularly Reduces the chance of colon cancer and direct by 50%The study was conducted on approx 70 thousand women tray. [2] [3]

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Improve gut health

This is not considered the purpose of drinking matcha in the morning Pay attention and wake up As with other types of tea, but this is considered a natural way move the bowels Better all day.

benefit hot liquids Usually to move the bowels, drink matcha tea It is served hot Most of the time, making it a catalyst b Better bowel movement to empty his waste.

owners of caffeine High ability to start the digestive process, with a quick look at the ingredients of the matcha we will discover a mind A gram of matcha About 34 mg of caffeine and thus find out The importance of matcha in moving the bowels and improve digestion.

Matcha can trigger rectal spasms 60% faster Better than drinking water. [4]

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Stimulates the metabolism

The caffeine in matcha is A special type of caffeine It has different properties than the caffeine in coffee, this is called caffeine theophyllinewhere it works speed up the metabolism and saving the energy consumed at the same time.

It is considered speed up the metabolism than to destroy and build a good chance of getting rid of it Food waste left after absorption in the large intestinethus easing the load on the large intestine by carrying the waste for a longer time.

Matcha supports the functions of the adrenal glands Slow down the process of energy consumptionOn the other hand, it maintains the hormone levels in the body. [5]

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I want a drug that kills worms for an adult

Side effects of matcha tea

Matcha tea is Rich in benefits and featuresHowever, these benefits may reverse Sometimes damagesespecially when too muchBelow, we’ll review a few Side effects of matcha tea:

  • The high level of caffeine in matcha causes some damage, such as:
  1. dizziness;
  2. worry.
  3. nervousness, nervousness;
  • As a result of Too much matcha tea Some digestive disorders such as:
  1. diarrhea.
  2. Sleep Disorders.
  3. Irregular heartbeats
  4. Irritable bowel syndrome.

Matcha tea still needs a lot of research and studies to confirm the validity of its great healing abilities, and to prevent some of the damages that appear with excessive and unnatural consumption. [5]

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