What are the best vitamins for boosting immunity?

What are the best vitamins for boosting immunity?

The immune system is up as a barrier against pathogenic organisms, To protect the body from its threats, the immune system consists of different set of cells, Glands and components that work together in perfect harmony.

The immune system weakens over time Due to repeated exposure to the attack From viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, work must be done Tighten it and return it to its normal state.

Maybe Strengthening the immune system Changing your lifestyle, adjusting your diet and taking nutritional supplements to strengthen the immune system, we review in this article the best and most important Vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

Vitamins to strengthen immunity

there is a lot Vitamins to strengthen the immune system We will review them below:

Vitamin D

reduce Vitamin D inflames It increases white blood cells One of the most important weapons of the body’s immune system, it also helps immune response Fast, yes Stimulates and accelerates healing.

Low vitamin D is associated with an increased risk of infection Upper respiratory tract infection Like allergic asthma and flu, vitamin D consumption increases the body’s level of protection against infection with respiratory infections.

I linked a study that was conducted The year 2019 At Queen Mary University in the UK, between eating Vitamin D supplements and reduce the risk of infection respiratory tract infection in singulars with Vitamin D deficiency in principle. [2]

Vitamin D works Speed ​​up recovery when you get infected with the corona virusThis is due to vitamin D’s ability to do this strengthening and strengthening The immune system is greatly affected. [1]

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Vitamin C

known Vitamin C Being the best in protecting against infection, it plays an important role in Get rid of old cells Unable to do his job, reinforces Vitamin C The immune system with its characteristics Antioxidant, and fight Free roots, and prevent cell damage.

Research results confirmed 2013 At the University of Helsinki in Finland, taking vitamin C supplements Minimize the injury Cold by 8% for adults, 14% for children. [3]

Therapy helps with vitamin C about intravenous route In relieving symptoms in people with severe infections such as sepsis, and acute respiratory distress syndrome Caused by a viral infection.

It is recommended that the daily dose of vitamin C not exceed 2000 mg. [1]

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Vitamin E

same as Vitamin E Vitamin C is an important antioxidant in the body needed to get rid of free radicals. Fights infection It is involved in almost 200 biological reactions within the body.

readily available Vitamin E in plant food rich in fatsame as:

  • butter peanuts.
  • Fat sunflower.
  • Fat Soy beans.
  • tonsils.
  • Hazelnuts; [4]


ready vitamin) one of the most important Anti-infectivesCharacterized by his position b Strengthening the immune system and support in the fight against pollution, is available vitamin In animal and plant sources, the most important animal sources are:

  • Fish.
  • meat.
  • dairy.

Its herbal sources are:

  • hotel;
  • Potatoes.
  • carrots.
  • pumpkin; [4]

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I hope to clarify the place of identification of foreign bodies in the body. Does it go to the lymph nodes? Or is there an intermediary between them? Thanks .

Minerals strengthen immunity

contribute a little Minerals strengthen and improve the immune systemWe review some of them as follows:


Zinc helps Increase the growth rate of immune system cellsIt improves the immune response, Zinc deficiency One of the common diseases in the elderly, a zinc supplement protects against Repetitive injuries Cold infection and respiratory infections in general.

Research has proven The year 2019 at Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand, that eat 30 grams of zinc per day reduces the duration of infection and the duration of hospitalization, i.e. accelerator of healing and recovery. [6]

Zinc is characterized as Safe to use Long-term for adults, provided that the dose does not exceed the permissible limit of 40 mg on the day. [1]


Iron helps in the production of hemoglobin Responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood, thus playing an important role in many Immune processes In the body, iron provides opportunity to strengthen immunity due to the supply of oxygen to the immune cells.

Iron is available in a lot of food Whether from an animal or even a vegetable, such as:

  • red meat
  • shellfish;
  • tuna.
  • canned sardines.
  • bean.
  • broccoli
  • Spinach; [5]

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