What are the causes of gynecomastia in men?

What are the causes of gynecomastia in men?

A longer case Gynecomastia in men This is one of the annoying conditions that affect the psychological state of men, and he tries to get rid of them in all possible ways.

blow gynecomastia Adolescent men and mature men, in this article we learn about Causes of gynecomastia in men and the most famous symptoms, and the risk factors that increase infection rates.


lead case Gynecomastia in men Or gynecomastia, the enlargement of the breasts to a larger size than usual, and is very popular among teenagers and older men.

All children are born with a percentage of breast tissue, but the breast tissue does not develop and grow in males as in the case of females, the male body mainly produces testosterone, which is responsible for directing their sexual growth during puberty, but they also produce a small percentage of estrogen responsible for sexual growth for girls.

An imbalance of the two hormones occurs during puberty and when a man ages, the estrogen hormone rises, causing the phenomenon Gynecomastia in menIn adolescents, gynecomastia rates are as high as 50%, and more than two-thirds of men are over the age of 50. (4)

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Causes of gynecomastia in men

It’s mostly Gynecomastia in men As a result of a defect in the ratio of the hormones testosterone and estrogen, if a man’s body produces a lot of estrogen, or suffers from a lack of testosterone, the condition is diagnosed. gynecomastia men, There are several reasons leading to this imbalance between the hormones, as follows: (1)

  1. Newborns: Estrogen passes from the mother’s body to the newborn during birth, but it usually disappears within a few weeks of birth.
  2. AdolescenceThe rate of hormone secretion changes during puberty, which may cause the estrogen hormone to increase, the breast tissue grows, but it gradually decreases as the young person ages.
  3. Aging: Estrogen secretion increases with age, and testosterone secretion decreases.
  4. Obesity: in some cases obesity can cause an increase in the estrogen hormone, which leads to the growth of breast tissue and the appearance Gynecomastia in men.

Some treatments also cause an increase in size andBreast tissue enlargement In men, including drugs used to treat the following pathological conditions: (2) (3)

  • anxiety and depression;
  • Bacterial and fungal infections.
  • heart failure
  • Enlargement of the prostate.
  • Stomach ulcers and high acidity.
  • hypertension.
  • Infertility: A man may receive some hormones such as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to treat infertility.

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Risk factors for gynecomastia

Infection rates are rising Gynecomastia in men When the following risk factors are present: (2) (3)

  1. alcoholism
  2. Kidney diseases and disorders.
  3. Adrenal gland tumor.
  4. Klinefelter syndrome.
  5. Liver diseases.
  6. Thyroid disorders.
  7. Lumps in the testicles.

Eating the following substances also causes the condition: Gynecomastia in men:

  1. Steroids used to build muscle.
  2. Amphetamines, marijuana, methadone and opiates.
  3. Nutritional supplement containing lavender oil and tea tree oil.

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Symptoms of gynecomastia in men

There are not a large number of symptoms to describe Gynecomastia in men Besides obvious breast enlargement, there are early signs that can be noticed, such as: (1)

  1. A lump of fatty tissue just below or around the nipple, making the breast more prominent.
  2. Sometimes you feel a slight pain in the resulting lump.
  3. One or both breasts grow unevenly.
  4. Discharge from the nipple of one or both breasts.
  5. Tenderness and tenderness in the chest.

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False gynecomastia

Happens An increase in the size of the breasts Enlargement as a result of an increase in the number and size of fat cells in the breast in people who are overweight, and this condition is called false gynecomastia, Where the man does not suffer from any hormonal imbalance, but suffers from fat deposits in the breast cells.

A healthy diet and physical activity help in losing weight and returning the breasts to their normal size. (4)

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