What are the damages of Vaseline to the face, and how to avoid it?

What are the damages of Vaseline to the face, and how to avoid it?

Published vaseline It is a strong emollient for the skin, and is classified among the best moisturizers for the skin, thanks to its high ability to lock moisture inside the skin, and to build a strong barrier that prevents water penetration, giving the skin the necessary softness and flexibility.

No one disputes the benefits of Vaseline for face and skin in general, but does it unite? Warnings in using Vaseline for the face? We discuss in this article Vaseline side effects This may be due to overuse, we know Is Vaseline suitable for all skin types?


petroleum jelly, or vaseline It is a mixture of wax and mineral oils, which together form a gel-like solid substance vaseline It is a derivative of petroleum, and it has very beneficial properties for the skin, as it contributes to the creation of a protective barrier that protects the skin from external factors, and prevents the penetration of moisture.

often used vaseline Since it was discovered in the treatment of minor cuts, scratches and cracks, it softens dry and rough skin and reduces inflammation in superficial burns.

including vaseline It is also gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation, as it limits the redness of the last scars, and reduces the chance of getting an infection. It can even be used to reduce hemorrhoid pain, and diaper infections for children, due to its high safety.

Vaseline speeds up the rate of wound healing, as it provides the skin with the moisture it needs to heal, as dry and cracked skin is known to take longer to heal its wounds. (1)

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Vaseline side effects

As we mentioned, Vaseline has wonderful properties and valuable benefits that it provides to the skin, but despite all these benefits, there are some Vaseline side effectsArising from misuse or inappropriate use of the skin, we check the following damages: (2) (3)

Some people have allergic reactions to the body, and we find that they show strong allergic symptoms such as redness, skin irritation and swelling of the eyes and lips, and this from. Vaseline side effectsThis is rare, so it is recommended to do a skin sensitivity test on a small spot on the skin beforehand Apply Vaseline on the face.

Failure to fully dry the face or clean properly before applying Vaseline to the face may cause bacterial or fungal infections. vaseline As an insulating wall traps everything under the skin, not cleansing well before applying Vaseline to the face can cause bacteria to get trapped on the skin.

We mentioned it vaseline It is a petroleum derivative, so it may cause inhalation mineral oils When applied near the nose, it causes a type of chest allergy, especially in children, which can develop into aspiration pneumonia, which is one of the most dangerous. Vaseline side effects.

  • Clogged pores

Vaseline is characterized by a high density and a clear thickness that may completely clog the pores of the face as a result of excessive use, and traps oils and dirt inside the skin, this blockage may lead to the explosion of facial pimples and spread. of infection.

Therefore, Vaseline is not suitable for plump skin I love youth and pimples, and oily skin In general, the fact that petroleum jelly increases the oily feel and feel of oily skin.

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Be careful not to get close to the mouth, nose or eyes at the time use vaseline on the face, Since this is a paint for external use only, it should not be eaten, which is something to be careful of with children.

It is recommended to completely stop using Vaseline to reduce the risk of infection side effects of Vaseline, When you notice the following symptoms: (3)

  • redness of the skin;
  • Facial pain.
  • swelling of the mouth and lips;
  • Inflammation of the epidermis.

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Vaseline for facial sunburn

No longer vaseline A suitable option for the treatment of the facial skin after exposure to the sun, or the occurrence of burns as a result of the same exposure to the rays, since Vaseline is filled with mineral oils that trap heat, which means that the condition of sunburn Worse, m Vaseline side effects.

In cases of need, Vaseline can be applied to superficial burns that have already begun to heal and are not live burns, and it is better to use aloe vera gel instead of Vaseline. (4)

Vaseline for the face before bed

Longer laying a layer of Vaseline for the face before bed A useful habit, it is good to maintain it daily, as this layer works to provide the necessary moisture and softness to the facial skin throughout the night, but it is not allowed Apply Vaseline on the face Especially during the day, before leaving the house, and wash your face well as soon as you wake up, then paint the sun shield Suitable for lunch. (4)

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