What are the main harms of masturbation for men?

What are the main harms of masturbation for men?

Masturbation is one of the things that some young people turn to in their adolescence or later stages of their lives, because it is their means of self-satisfaction by stimulating the genitals to reach orgasm, and in this article, we will learn about Disadvantages of masturbation and its effects on men.

Harmful effects of masturbation on men

can cause excessive Masturbation for men In the group of damages they include:

  • Addiction to pornography: Persistence of physical activity masturbate For long periods, it can become addictive and hard to give up, which causes an attachment to pornography, because some men prefer to watch exciting porn scenes during masturbation, so it is difficult to give up later even after marriage.
  • Feeling of satisfaction and satisfaction: Some men may feel satisfaction and satisfaction from masturbating, especially with fantasies that cannot be fully or partially implemented in real life.
  • Tendency to isolation: one of the harmful effects of masturbation on the psychological state is that it makes a person more prone to isolation and withdrawal, because he wants to sit alone until he gets used to it, which affects his social life.
  • Swollen penis: If a man masturbates often in a short period of time, he may suffer Slight swelling of the penisThis swelling usually disappears within two days.
  • Decreased sensation in the penis: If a man masturbates violently and involves a tight grip on the penis, he may suffer from poor sensation.
  • Guilt: When a man hides this from his wife or family members, he may feel guilty about them, because hiding things is usually associated with mistakes, so a man may feel that he is doing something wrong that he is hiding.
  • Disruption in daily life: When masturbation becomes a daily practice that is difficult to give up, it can affect the practice of normal life activities, especially since many men prefer to practice it late in the day after all the family members are asleep, which causes staying up for a long time, and difficulty waking up. on the day.
  • physical stress that causes muscle painJoints, and back: in case of excessive masturbation.
  • The inability to reach orgasm only through certain fantasies, which may affect sex life in the future, since these fantasies are not similar to real life, and sexual sufficiency is related to specific conditions in the man.
  • Exhaustion of the genitals, which can lead to infections and irritation, especially if personal hygiene is not observed. (1) (2)

Effects of masturbation on the prostate

As a result of the presence of more than one result of the studies conducted on Effects of masturbation on the prostateThere is not enough and clear information about the effect of masturbation on prostate health, and its connection to cancer.

It has been found that masturbation can reduce the chances of infection prostate cancerAs a result of frequent ejaculation, which may prevent the accumulation of cancer-causing factors in the prostate gland, while other studies have found that constant masturbation in the twenties and thirties may increase the risk of prostate cancer, so there is no confirmed result in this regard.
Until more evidence is found, we cannot be sure of the effects of masturbation on the prostate. (1)

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Does masturbation affect erection?

One of the things we hear about Masturbation causes it Erectile dysfunction For a man, there is no scientific evidence of a direct relationship between the two, but masturbation can affect how quickly a man regains an erection shortly after completion, a period known as the male breaking-in period, as a man should. Time before the penis can get an erection again.

This period may last from half an hour to several hours, and older men need a longer cycle, sometimes up to 24 hours.

Masturbation can also play a role in the occurrence of ED caused by stress or anxiety, leading to erectile dysfunction. (3) (4)

How to stop masturbation

Many people ask How do I get rid of masturbation? to avoid Disadvantages of masturbationThere are several steps you can take to stop this, namely:

  • Determining the harms of masturbation that cause you discomfort, it helps in making a decision and not giving up on it.
  • Avoid loneliness and try to occupy the free time with other things, such as doing activities and spending time with friends.
  • Avoid pornographic sites and erotic scenes, which may increase the desire to masturbate.
  • Be sure to exercise regularly, it is necessary to maintain the health of the body and the ability to avoid masturbation.

in case of difficulty stop masturbatingYou can consult an andrologist and a behavioral therapist who will help you with this. (2)

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