What are the main symptoms of stress and ways to get rid of it?

What are the main symptoms of stress and ways to get rid of it?

Stress and psychological stress are normal things that we suffer from from time to time, and this is the way the body and mind communicate with any obstacle or challenges, and to overcome it we must know its causes and symptoms, and in this article we will focus on Symptoms of psychological stress And how to deal with it.

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What is pressure?

Stress is a collection of situations and events that cause stress andpressurewhich is the body’s response to physical, mental or emotional stress, however, this is not necessarily a negative thing, but some see short-term stress as a catalyst for better productivity.

Stress exists in many forms and causes different symptoms depending on the person, his reaction and the situation he is dealing with.

Types of psychological stress

There are different types of stress, which can have effects on emotional and physical health, and stressful situations and events can occur all at once, for a short period of time, or over a longer period of time.

include Types of psychological stress the following:

  • Routine psychological stress: means constant stress as a result of ongoing situations, such as stress at work or school.
  • Sudden psychological stress: This is psychological stress that results from a sudden and accidental thing, such as an illness, job loss, financial problem or flood, as it is a sudden and unexpected shock, and then the person feels. Worried extremes of the future.
  • Traumatic stress: This is caused by a significant situation, such as an accident or assault, and with the negative effects of this situation, the person experiences mental stress.

can also be classified Types of psychological stress According to the time period in which it occurs, it is as follows:

  • Temporary stress: This means short-term psychological stress that dissipates quickly, and it is a normal thing that most people go through, such as exam period, job interviews and pressing the brakes to avoid accidents.
  • Chronic psychological stress: Psychological stress that continues over a long period of time, which may last for weeks or months, results in a person getting used to it and considering it a part of their life, such as financial problems, marital disputes, and chronic illness. (1) (3)

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Symptoms of psychological stress

When reacting to stress, the body secretes stress hormones, such as adrenaline and norepinephrine, and psychological stress affects different body systems, but the effect varies from person to person depending on the cause of this stress, and the person’s ability to deal with it.

include Symptoms of psychological stress Related to mental health include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • memory problems.
  • negative thoughts
  • lack of self confidence.
  • anxiety.
  • Difficulty making decisions.

and be Emotional stress symptoms as follows:

  • Mood changes.
  • Feeling hopeless and frustrated.
  • feeling tense
  • Tendency to be sad.
  • Inability to relax.
  • Loss of emotional control.

and represent Symptoms of physical stress B:

Stress can also cause changes in behavior such as:

  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns.
  • Withdrawal from social life.
  • Bad habits such as babbling, nail biting and teeth grinding.
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine, tobacco or sedatives.
  • Decreased work productivity or academic performance. (One. Two. Three)

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Ways to overcome psychological stress

In order to overcome psychological stress, the causes must be identified and treated, and certain methods may help control it Symptoms of psychological stressincluding:

  • Strive for balance in life: It is important to organize your time so that work or anything else does not create severe stress and mental stress, as this will affect not only your psychological state, but also your productivity.
  • Communicate with people who can help you: having positive people in your life will help you greatly reduce the symptoms of psychological stress, so you must make sure the circle around you and that its influence is positive.
  • Expressing thoughts and feelings: It is important to overcome the disturbing symptoms of stress to express your thoughts and feelings, whether you feel angry or hopeless, you need to get out of these feelings so that you can confront them, by talking to someone close to you. or express them in writing.
  • Eating healthy and balanced food: proper nutrition is one of the most important ways to overcome Symptoms of psychological stressThis is because a balanced diet increases the levels of vitamins and minerals that keep hormones in balance.
  • Exercise regularly: Exercise helps improve your overall health and reduce your stress levels. This applies to daily exercise, yoga and relaxation exercises.
  • Rest: One of the most important ways to relieve the symptoms of stress is to rest a lot when you feel tired, and try to set daily rest times and stick to them as much as possible. (1) (3)

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