What are the mistakes in using condoms?

What are the mistakes in using condoms?

Condoms are classified as The most effective male contraceptivesIts success rate in preventing pregnancy is up to 97%However, proper condom use is required.

Condoms are characterized by the absence of damage or Side effects when using itmainly depends Preventing access to sperm For eggs, so it’s very safe.

In this article, we will review a few Mistakes of condom use.

Contraceptive condoms

We mentioned that condoms from Best practices used in ContraceptionSucceeds at a high rate, without any effects on men’s health, the role is not limited to Condoms for contraceptives only, But it protects against the transmission of many diseases sexuality like AIDS, Wallerbs and others.

The idea of ​​the work of condoms is based on Prevention of sperm penetration In the female reproductive system, and so on blocking access to the swamp And also the teenager. [1] [2] [3]

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Types of condoms

Condoms are available in different shapes and structures, some of which are listed below:

  • Plastic protector: This type of condom is made of latex or plastic and is commonly used Sexually transmitted diseasesmade of Lamb intestines are disadvantaged by the inability to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Fat layer protector: Sometimes it is added to certain types of condoms layer of fat or oil for protection against inflammation and painThis layer often helps prevent the condom from tearing during intercourse.
  • sealed shield: These condoms are external form Polygonal to increase the enjoyment of the practice for both men and womenThese are the condoms tight around the penis, These types make a person feel direct contact and address most of the complaints that men encounter when using a condom.
  • spermicidal condom: It is located around this type of condom A chemical called nonoxynol 9 Lethal to the seed, this type is damaged because in some cases You feel irritation in the genitals Because of the substance Nonoxynol 9, some warn against using this type because it is easy to tear, which can cause an STD infection like the virus. AIDS or AIDS. [1]

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Mistakes of condom use

Condom success depends correct way to use itBelow, we review Some common mistakes When using a condom:

  • Wrong size selection: Condoms must be worn Appropriate sizeThe large size allows the sperm to leak, and the small size causes the condom to explode and burst seed also.
  • Expiry date omitted: must make sure Expiry Date Any product, as well as the expiration date of condoms, condoms can tear if it exceeds its expiration date, preferably Condoms are not stored Basically and use it immediately after purchase
  • Put on a condom early: Condoms must be worn after erection And not before, premature wear of the condom causes it not to fit properly with the penis, thus increasing the chance sperm escape from him.
  • Wearing a condom late Some people wear condoms after a period of intercourse Before ejaculation, the purpose of the condom is not only to contain ejaculation, but also to protect against many sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Using a condom more than once: This is one of the most serious mistakes when using condoms frequent useIt provides an excellent opportunity for the spread of disease and infection, as it tears easily.
  • Use of inappropriate lubricants: It is better to choose lubricants carefully, preferably Use custom lubricants For condoms, using any regular lubricant can be an adventure cause a tear in the condom in the middle of sex.
  • Wearing more than one condom: Some believe that wear More protection means more protectionHowever, the opposite is true, because the use of two condoms provides a greater chance of friction between them, and increases the possibility of their tearing. [2]

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