What are the ways to strengthen the immune system in women?

What are the ways to strengthen the immune system in women?

A woman’s priority always comes to her children and her home before herself, neglecting or delaying her own right and her health, and therefore many women suffer from this. Symptoms of immunodeficiency and repeated infections of the causes of the disease.

It’s getting very dangerous, especially after what happened to the whole world during the corona epidemic and its consequences, which proved that boosting immunity is the best way to resist. In this article we will highlight the best practices Strengthening immunity in womenand also for pregnant women.

Strengthening immunity in women

Several steps must be taken in order to do this Strengthening immunity in womenTogether, we explain the following steps:

Take probiotics

Fermented foods or Probiotics Rich in beneficial bacteria for the digestive system, these foods include yogurt, sauerkraut and cabbage Intestinal bacteria The body’s immunity to fulfill its role Distinguish between normal cells and harmful organisms and eliminate them.

Research has shown 2017 At the University of Palermo in Italy benefits Fermented foods To reduce the incidence of infectious diseases even 20% in childhood

to solve Probiotic supplements Substitute fermented foods when they are not available enough to do Strengthening immunity in women.[1] [2] [3]

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reduce sugars

Sugars and carbohydrates in general contribute Overweight and obesityso Increased risk of diseaseReducing sugar reduces inflammation and promotes weight loss.

Causes obesity and weight gain diabetic, and heart diseaseso The immune system weakensReducing sugar intake is the most important step Strengthening immunity in women.

he prefers reduce sugars per day to reach at least m 5% In calories, it’s roughly equivalent 25 grief of sugar per day. [2]

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Drink plenty of fluids

Moisturizing the body does not prevent diseases, but it is important to maintain strong immunity and sound health. Dehydration causes many diseases, especially headaches, and damages the body. Kidney functionWhich increases the chance of getting the disease.

It is usually best to drink fluids And especially water Because it is free of any additional calories or sugars, and the amount of fluids in the body should be increased, especially if the person exercises or works out hard physical effort.

Avoid dehydration Increases the body’s chance of disease resistanceIn other words, it increases the body’s immunity indirectly. Attention should be paid to the elderly to drink more water regularly Even if they don’t feel thirsty. [2]

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Strengthening immunity in pregnant women

Pregnant women suffer Immunity is naturally reduced With the growth of the fetus, this is how you should strive Strengthening immunity in pregnant womenHere are the most important methods:

sports game

Physical activity during pregnancy is associated with intake The green light from the doctor Next, light physical activity is considered daily for half an hour During pregnancy, a simple magic solution to strengthen immunity.

Experts explain the connection between Physical activity and increasing immunity who practices Raises body temperaturePreventing the growth of bacteria, the body releases antibodies Faster with blood flow during exercise.

The body gets rid of stress and anxiety with physical activity, and thus Reduced chance of disease. [4]

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I hope to clarify the place of identification of foreign bodies in the body. Does it go to the lymph nodes? Or is there an intermediary between them? Thanks .

eat garlic

tin One clove of garlic In the day to fight infection, a clove of garlic contains important nutrients immunity booster same as:

A clove of garlic also contains the equivalent of One hundred sulfur compounds Which makes it the best medicine infectionand the most important natural ways b Strengthening immunity in pregnant women. [4]

Pay attention to personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is First line of defense For pregnant women against bacteria and germs, so treating them is an important step to strengthen immunity, here are some tips Adherence to personal hygiene To increase immunity:

  • cleaning hands before eating and after leaving the bathroom.
  • drink water from special cups for personal use.
  • Avoidance of Crowded gatheringsor places that are not well ventilated.
  • Do not touch nose and face Because it is a possible path of infection. [5]

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