What are the ways to treat and prevent kidney stones?

What are the ways to treat and prevent kidney stones?

mostly disappear kidney stones on their own and pass with urine to the outside of the body, but part It increases in size and becomes difficult to pass This causes great pain that needs to be treated.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtreating kidney stones depends The size of the stoneand the place where it was created, and symptoms appearing on the individual, there is more than one way to overcome the symptoms, we review the best in this article A prescription for the treatment of kidney stonesWhether medicinal or surgical, and how to prevent kidney stones?

Medicines against kidney stones

Everyone hopes to get rid of the stones without surgical interventionTherefore, doctors advise at this stage drink a lot of water try Lithotripsyand move it out without interruption.

Below are the most important drugs used for the medical treatment of kidney stones:

  • Painkillers: These pain relievers, especially those that You don’t need a prescription in the treatment of pain such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • Calcium channel blockers and alpha blockers: These drugs help relaxation of the ureterHence, this relaxation helps to allow the stones to come out easily.
  • Potassium or sodium citrate: These drugs prevent the formation of stones caused by Urine acidor calcium oxalate. [1]

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Surgical treatment of kidney stones

There are three main roads in Surgical treatment of kidney stones, ie as follows:

Ultrasonic atomization

Used Ultrasound In locating the stones, other waves then began to direct Hit the rocks to break them Be smaller and easier to pass out of the body with urine.

Some patients suffer from this method And they feel hungry It’s better to start like this after the person has eaten PainkillersShould be sealed often for more than one meetingAnd it is not a condition that the stones will fall apart the first time.

Gallstone removal

Used Telescopic scalpels This is called a nephroscope, the surgeon makes a very small incision in the back, through which the endoscope is inserted until it reaches the kidney, He pulls the stone out or breaks it into small pieces Then he takes it out, and the extinction process takes place on impact anesthesia Total.


The endoscope passes into the ureter In the surgeon’s attempt to remove the stones or break them with a laser to facilitate their removal later in the urine, a ureteroscopy is performed under the effect of general anesthesia for the body. [2]

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I changed a urinary catheter (the catheter with a direct hole to the bladder) and then I started to have a strong headache when urinating and the catheter comes out some urine and the rest from the penis unbearable pain in the head when urinating (I have a fracture in the 3rd vertebra of the back and I can’t feel from the chest down), the headache Pain reliever paracetamol does not work with him The headache lasts for 5 minutes while urinating with profuse diarrhea

Prevention of kidney stones

Maybe Treatment of kidney stones Whether it’s medication, or surgery, but it can also be Prevention of kidney stones Basically, we review the following most important tips to protect the body from stone formation:

  • Drink plenty of fluids especially the water Every day, water reduces the concentration of waste materials in the urine, It prevents the deposition of stonesEveryone should drink at least 12 glasses of water a day.
  • eat large amounts of Fruits and vegetables to reduce urinary aciditythus preventing the formation of stones.
  • move away or Reducing the amount of salt in the dietwhile reducing the consumption of high-salt canned goods.
  • Balance between Weight loss and excess weight Animal protein It is necessary for this, as protein increases the chance of stone formation in the body.
  • attention Calcium levels entering the bodySince calcium oxalate is the most common stone in the body, it is worth noting that dairy products are not a concern as they help to prevent stones Despite the availability of calcium, the reason is its liquid nature.

It is recommended not to believe everything that is said about the group of herbs that prevent stones, as there is no scientific evidence for the ability of herbs to prevent stones. [3]

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