What is the effect of testicular cancer on reproduction?

What is the effect of testicular cancer on reproduction?

Testicular cancer affects Different effects vary from person to personwhere its influence depends The size and stage of the cancerAs well as the method of treatment, the effect of Testicular cancer on fertility Patients are extremely worried.

Testicular cancer is one of them The easiest type of cancer to treatwhere the recovery rates from it increase significantly, but it remains The ghost of barrenness and childlessness This is what worries patients.

We discuss in this article Effect of testicular cancer on reproduction.

Testicular cancer and reproduction

Testicular cancer affects Hormone levels in the bodyespecially testosteroneHence, the fears of men Inability to conceiveYou should discuss this with your doctor before starting your treatment plan.

Mainly testicular cancer attacks one testicleThe other testicle remains viable sperm productionImproving the sexual and reproductive ability of men due to its excretion enough male hormone.

The problem is if removal of testicles Or the recurrence of cancer in the healthy testicle after the removal of the first, then you must take Alternative testosterone supplement All the time.

Doctors advise in some cases sperm storage in the gamete banks before the removal of the testicles In case there is a desire to have children later, a given Because of the lack of chances to conceive with an orchiectomy. [1] [4]

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Effect of testicular cancer on reproduction

The method of treatment for testicular cancer affects reproduction, as there are a large number of options in the field Testicular cancer treatmentNext, we will review the effect of each method on fertility and reproduction:

Orchiectomy and reproduction

become a person Sterile when the testicles are removedAlthough there is still a chance of getting pregnant, If only one testicle is removedneed some For testosterone supplementation If the remaining testicle is weak and does not produce enough sperm.

It is considered sperm storage One of the precautionary solutions offered Before testicular cancer treatmentIn anticipation of the loss of the ability to have children after the surgery, whether for one or both testicles. [2] [3]

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Lymphectomy and reproduction

The surgeon removes the affected testicle and removes it with it Lymph nodes behind peritoneumIt is considered a complex operation, because some of the nerves that control the ejaculation process may be damaged.

This analysis sometimes results in what is known as retrograde ejaculationWithdrawal of sperm from the penis outside the penis Children with this condition cannot be born through normal intercourseIf you want to have children, you must rely on ICSI or IVF. [2] [3]

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Chemotherapy and childbirth

As a result of Chemotherapy temporary infertility of testicular cancer, Male fertility returned After completing chemotherapy for some time, but some men suffer Permanent sterility Especially if they have received chemotherapy for long periods. [2] [3]

Radiation therapy and reproduction

Testicular cancer patients should radiation therapy When cancer cells spread inward Lymph nodes behind the abdomenDirects radiation towards the stomach in the lower area, and in the thigh, the fear of The radiation reaches the remaining testicle If the testicle is unhealthy and leads to its damage, the specialist tries to cover the testicle lead remains But the risks remain, albeit to a lesser extent.

Consulting doctors Not having children for a year At least after the end of radiation treatment. [2] [3]

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This is definitely it A patient diagnosed with testicular cancer And thinking about it and its consequences causes Panic and anxietyhe prefers Consultation with experts In the fields of mental health, fertility and sperm bank officials.

It is considered friends and family From the important sources of support during this period to the transition to a safe place.

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