When does an open wound heal in children and adults?

When does an open wound heal in children and adults?

Everyone is hurt injured At some point in life, as a result of using sharp objects, slipping or exposure to accidents and traumas and other reasons leading to a cut or scratch on the skin.

The time it takes for a wound to heal varies, depending on the type of wound and its depth. The stages a wound goes through to heal And we answer the question When does an open wound heal?

Open wounds that can be treated at home

it could be The wound is superficial It does not bleed much, and it may be deep and reach the internal tissues and cause damage to the muscles and nerves, resulting in severe bleeding.

Fortunately, most of these wounds can be treated at home without the need to go to the hospital, in the following cases:

  • The wound is not very deep.
  • The wound is in a hidden place in the body, where it does not cause an appearance scars A problem, like in the face, for example, it is not desirable to have scars in the face.
  • The bleeding is weak and may stop within 10 minutes with light pressure.
  • The patient had received a tetanus shot in the previous ten years.
  • The ability to completely clean the wound of any dirt or hanging objects. (1)

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Stages of healing open wounds

When does an open wound heal? An open wound goes through four stages until complete healing and healing. We mention those steps as follows: (1) (2) (3)

Bleeding phase

considered as Bleeding phase This is the first step of stages of wound healing, A narrowing occurs in the walls of the blood vessels, allowing the passage of a small amount of blood, and then, within a few minutes, the platelets, which are from the blood cells, rush to the wound site.

Proteins aggregate blood platelets and sticking it to the wound site in the bleeding blood vessels, a blood clot forms and the bleeding stops.

stage of inflammation

The body begins cleaning wounds Self-purification and disinfection Once the bleeding stops, the following steps occur:

  • The blood vessels relax a little to allow an appropriate amount of blood to reach the wound site, and this is the reason for inflammation and redness in the wound area and a feeling of warmth in it, meaning the beginning of wound healing;
  • The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the wound.
  • in a hurry White blood cells Wound macrophages are also called, and their job is to fight any external infection or foreign substances that have passed through the open wound.
  • Elements called growth factors help repair damaged areas.
  • The work of white blood cells and growth factors causes a clear fluid to be drawn from the wound.

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The rebuilding phase

start process Building cells in the body to compensate for the injured after the white cells finish cleaning the wound completely, where the blood cells arrive loaded with oxygen and all the nutrients required for rebuilding.

New blood vessels grow, produce cells Collagenwhich is a protein that ensures the construction and support of damaged tissues, a red scar is formed at the site of the wound, but it gradually disappears.

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Reinforcement phase

All the elements necessary for a complete healing of the wound are now available, and it has already healed from the outside, but the healing process and the strengthening of the skin and tissues are still working.

The skin may look wrinkled or very tight, or have a pink color. Strengthening the skin The stages of cohesion of the old fabric with the new.

To answer the common question When does an open wound heal in children? And adults? The answer is that the wound may last for days, months and sometimes even years fully recovered, Depends on its location, type and tissue depth.

Contraindications for wound healing

Most wounds heal well and are clean if they are treated properly in terms of hygiene, disinfection and dressing, and may not leave wounds. scars Or a small scar remains, which increases the chance of its formation with large and deep wounds.

However, sometimes it is too late wound healing As a result of several factors and obstacles, including the following:

  1. Elevate the wound for infection.
  2. The patient has diabetes, which is a complication Wound healing fusion
  3. injury Clogged arteries or varicose veins, and other conditions that inhibit the blood flow process.
  4. Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.
  5. Stress, lack of sleep and unhealthy diet.
  6. Taking certain medications such as steroids and chemotherapy drugs.
  7. obesity.

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