When does back pain become severe? What are the symptoms that indicate this?

When does back pain become severe? What are the symptoms that indicate this?

There are many reasons that lead to back pain, including temporary reasons that are easy to overcome at home, and some of them are related to health conditions that require follow-up and medical treatment to overcome them, and in this article, we will answer the question. of many people When is back pain severe? This requires consultation with a doctor, by referral Symptoms of severe back pain.

Symptoms of severe back pain

if you are wondering When is back pain severe?Let’s get to know the signs of this:

  • Severe and unbearable pain: when he back pain Severe and unbearable, this mother may indicate a health problem that requires immediate treatment, especially in the case of sudden back pain, which can result from a rupture of muscles or ligaments, and this leads to difficulty in movement.
  • The spread of pain: if the pain is not limited to the back and spreads to other areas around it, such as the legs, it means that the nerves are compressed, and the pain will be back pain dangerous in this case.
  • Sudden weakness in the legs: nerve damage is one of the causes causes back pain Which leads to weakness of the limbs, as a result of compression of the nerves in the spine, and these symptoms are usually related to some health problems such as female or spinal stenosis.
  • Urinary incontinence: another sign of this back pain Dangerous is the occurrence of urination with back pain, that is, difficulty controlling the bowels or bladder, and it also indicates nerve compression or inflammation of the spine.
  • Numbness or Tingling: Numbness or tingling and numbness in the back are among the signs to look out for, as they may indicate a serious nerve or spinal condition, especially as this numbness continues.

and in case of occurrence back painWith leg weakness, incontinence and numbness, it may be due to injury Cauda Aquina syndromeThis is a serious illness resulting from damage to the spinal cord nerve, and is considered a medical emergency that requires immediate referral to the emergency room.

  • Occurrence of pain in the back and stomach together: it can be causes back pain This is a digestive problem that also affects the back area such as urinary tract infection, kidney stones, gall bladder stones and irritable bowel syndrome, these cases are among the prominent causes of lower back and abdominal pain at the same time.

In this case, you will experience gastrointestinal symptoms along with back pain, such as abdominal pain, constipation and fever.

  • Fall or trauma to the back: Falling on the back or colliding with the back leads to Strong back painAnd if the shock is mild, the symptoms can gradually disappear, but if the symptoms persist and worsen over time, seek medical attention immediately. (One. Two. Three)

More: causes and treatment of lower back pain

Pathological causes of back pain

When the disease states are causes back painAttention should be paid to monitoring the case and not ignoring it to avoid complications and risks that may lead to it, it may be simple and easy to treat at the beginning of the problem, but it gets worse over time when it is neglected. Below are highlights Pathological causes of back pain What requires a visit to the doctor:

  • Degenerative disc diseaseDegenerative disc disease can cause pain in the entire spine, and lumbar arthritis is one of the main causes of lower back pain, and this is a condition that worsens with age.
  • Sacroiliitis: inflammation of the joints that connect the spine and pelvis, can be a cause of lower back and leg pain.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis: This is an arthritis that causes the spine to become inflexible, resulting in persistent forward curvature and back pain. (One. Two. Three)

I have difficulty getting up after sitting and I feel a stiff knee and when I bend my legs there is pain, knowing that I had the gastric sleeve surgery three and a half months ago, and these symptoms appeared after the surgery a month and a half, my previous weight is 130 and now 100, knowing that I have been constipated for 6 days and it is He also advised me orthopedic treatment Eutaxia

How can you deal with severe back pain?

In case of severe back pain, the following procedures should be carried out before consulting a doctor:

  • Avoid movement as much as possible, especially if the back pain is caused by a shock or fall.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects as this can make the problem worse.
  • Pay attention to additional symptoms accompanying back pain so that you can find out about them to the doctor.
  • Take a position that helps you feel comfortable, and avoid positions that cause more pain. (One. Two. Three)

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