Is high milk hormone dangerous? And what are his symptoms?

Is high milk hormone dangerous? And what are his symptoms?

It is considered a prolactin hormone, or better known called prolactin One of the hormones of the pituitary gland, prolactin Breast growth and milk production during pregnancy and after birth.

It secretes prolactin in men in trace amountsIt is secreted in larger quantities in pregnant women and new mothersThere must be prolactin production Appropriate and accurateFor any excess or deficiency causes great problems for both sexes.

In this article we will focus on knowledge Causes high prolactinIts main symptoms are in both men and women.

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Natural milk hormone

The doctor determines based on the results of the surgery the milk hormoneWhether the results are correct or not, the results vary slightly from person to person, and sometimes from lab to lab.

There are constant values ​​of Natural milk hormone What’s next:

  • women not pregnant less than 25 nanogram/ml.
  • women pregnant M 34 to me 386 nanogram/ml.
  • men less than 15 nanogram/ml. [4]

Causes high prolactin

The milk hormone increases naturally in women during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, the hormone also increases for other reasons, here are some Causes high prolactin:

  • doing sports, doing physical strain big.
  • exercise intimacy.
  • eat a meal of today’s meals.
  • stimulate and excitement nipple;
  • having a seizure epilepsy.
  • Occurs infection in the chest

There is also an underlying reason High milk hormone which is known as ProlactinomaIt is a tumor that affects the pituitary gland, causing it to be turbulent, causing it to secrete a larger than normal amount of prolactin.

High prolactin is also caused by Some health conditions same as:

  • laziness and Thyroid.
  • Kidney disease.
  • herpes especially in the chest area.

share some Medicines In high prolactin, especially drugs that affect dopamine, among these drugs include:

  • Antipsychotic drugs such as: risperidone, haloperidol.
  • drugs hypertension Like calcium channel blockers, methyldopa.
  • Medicines to treat heartburn, diseases Gastroesophageal reflux.
  • the pill.
  • Menopause medications such as: Estrogen.
  • Antagonists nausea Al-Kai
  • Painkillers relaxing. [2] [3]

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I have a milk hormone that rises every 3 months, but it rises in the pituitary gland, which means there is no milk in the chest, and I took a picture of the gland, which showed no tumors; What is the reason ; Does pregnancy after marriage affect my health?

Symptoms of high prolactin

in women

  • Irregular The menstrual cycle or disturbance during menstruation.
  • injury futile.
  • in the form the vagina, which causes discomfort during intercourse.
  • Appearance of secretions of milk Even when not breastfeeding.
  • Lack sexual desire. [1] [2]

in males

  • feels with a headache.
  • double in erection.
  • Lower rates testosterone hormone.
  • loss enthusiasm.
  • Excretions Looks like milk from the breast [1] [2]

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Diagnosis of high prolactin

will begin Diagnosis of high prolactin By testing and examining a blood sample, on the basis of which the hormone level is determined, whether it is normal or high, the doctor determines, based on the increase in the milk hormone, the following test:

  1. MRI To see the pituitary gland in detail and its surroundings to confirm the presence of a prolactinoma, and to know its exact size and location.
  2. Photo CT scan When MRI is not available, or is not suitable for the patient’s condition. [2]

Is high prolactin dangerous?

No big fears Complications of high prolactinSince it usually comes from a prolactinoma, it is therefore easier to treat the tumor and with it the risk of high prolactin hormone disappears.

Some warn against Complications of high prolactinAlthough it is not life threatening, it is still capable Female infertility, severe menstrual irregularitiesand the irregularity of his appointment, so it is recommended Fast treatment and without neglect When detecting any change, even a slight change in milk hormone levels. [3]

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